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On this page we/ I(anthony) wil talk about Extra news such as tourneys and Video games so nt all of it is pokemon related.



As you all know E3 has came and gone this week giving us a preview of what we can expect in the gaming world next year this segment I'll tell you a few things you can expect.

Microsoft (X-box 360)

The 360 was the first next gen console out so it already started out with a handful of games hwever not all of them were good. This year, that is going to change with the long awaited arrival of Halo 3.But suprisingly that was not the top game of E3 or X-box 360. The top game was actually Call of duty 4:Modern warfare the most realistic war game yet.Now some of you are probably saying but I dont like war games well, trust me on this, just watching the game gets you pumped.


Well that was a LITTLE preview of what is to come of course they will be in more detail but for only 5 minutes it seems ok. 
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